The Adventure Begins Here

WatchClub Adventure

Dear Watch Enthusiast,

Welcome to my adventure!  My name is Raphael Cohen and I have been involved in the jewelry and watch industry for nearly 40 years, first as a retailer.  In the 90's I made my way into the wholesale end of the business, distributing watches and jewelry to stores across the country.

I have always loved wristwatches, starting with the Casio digital brand as well as the popular watch lines at the time – Seiko and Citizen. 

Later, as my business matured, I had the pleasure of dealing with more high-end brands such as Cartier, Ebel and Piaget, just to name a few.

I have always enjoyed the beauty and intricacy of watch design.  Behind every watch, there is a design concept and person who created it.  Over the years I developed my own design ideas, what I wanted in a watch, but I was restricted by my lack of ability to translate my vision into a drawing with all the technical details and nuances.

Nope, I cannot draw a circle, but I do have a vision!

Finally, not until 3 years ago, did I reconnect with an old aquaintance – Fredi Brodmann.  Fredi is a cartoonist by trait turned watch designer.  We have collaborated since then and have been able to bring my vision into reality.

Our partnership has brought enormous joy to my life, as Fredi has become my other half when it comes to watch design. 

Do you love watches and watch design?  Are you a risk taker?  Well, Fredi and I would like to design watches JUST FOR YOU!

When you sign up for our Watch Club, you are signing up for adventure.  We want to amaze you every month with a new watch design.  Every watch will have 200% - 500% more value than your subscription!

We provide after sales service during and after warranty.  Members will also have the opportunity to connect with other members in our private Facebook group, share photos of the unique watch you received and be able to trade between other club members.

When you join our watch club, you are signing up for an adventure in design, but it's an adventure with experts in manufacturing, design and watchmaking.  No other subscription service can offer that to you. 

I look forward to having you on board with me as we innovate and experience together!


Raphael Cohen